Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Setup

I have lots of characters that I am putting to work.

80 Priest minning/alchemy that I raid with

80 Palidan leatherworking/enchanting that I PvP with

72 Warlock tailor/herbalist that I make bags and cloth with

65 rogue inscription that is the heart of my business with glyphs (4 tab guild bank)

61 hunter that post 1/2 of the glyphs the rogue makes (shares guild bank with rogue)

60 mage for bulk storage (1 tab guild bank)

63 warlock for nutral AH

1 mage for storage and manages most general auctions (3 tab guild bank)

At the moment inscription is my big thing. Trying to work that has hard as possible but also trying to break into new markets. I do have minning/herbalisim but don't farm with them anymore. I plan on adding JC to my inscriptionist but I am in no rush.

I do have 8 total bank tabs over 3 guilds. I know I need to clean 2 of them out. Here is what I think I have in them at the moment.

Tab 1: 1/2 of cut gems and stacks of uncut meta gems
Tab 2: uncut gems, titanium ore, arctic fur, stacks of green gems, spare enchant mats
Tab 3: pots, scrolls, leather kits, motes, odd enchant mats, junk that dont sell for much or very often ( I need to vender most of this tab)

Tab 1: partial stacks of all types of flowers, parchements, odd inks, and odd pigments
Tab 2: Full of Ink of the Sea
Tab 3: Full of adder's tongues
Tab 4: 1/3 snowfall and 1/3 ink of the sea with a few pigments to make those in there too

Tab 1: 1/4 lichbloom and 1/4 icethorn


  1. Dont you find changing characters all the time a huge hassle and annoying.. D: I only got a few, but still its a pain.

  2. I found it smoother to split glyphs onto 2 chars (im thinking about using a 3rd) then to do run to the bank and swap bags every time.

    As far as mains go, I try to give them a focus. That lets me get the best stuff for that focus with out having to do it over and over again on the others. In BC, I swaped chars all the time depending on the raid make up. The gear I needed on the other char would drop for the wrong char. So it felt like running 2 chars took more then twice as long to gear them out that way.

    My priest is my focus and the others are mostly there to craft me stuff for the AH. Inscription is the only one I do daily (and alchemy transmutes). The other crafters go to work every 4-5 days to make stuff from all the mats I send them during that time.