Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glyphs: Phase 1

You have just power leveled inscription. Probably ended up farming old world herbs to help or paying way to much for those same herbs on the AH. The cheap ones were in short supply but you managed.

You found several glyphs selling for almost nothing. You almost feel like it's not worth posting them and are almost temped to vendor them. You did find the DK glyphs to sell fairly well and possibly one or two that sold for 10g-30g. You probably kept up on recrafting the DK glyphs and those special high sellers.

In a matter of days those good glyphs crashed like a rock on you. Every time you post them, someone else undercuts you. Odds are if it was a trainer glyphs, someone dumped 6-10 on the market and it crashes. You curse at them under your breath a little bit but work the glyphs that sell.

You are just getting started. Getting a feel for the market here. If you were doing this on your own, this would probably be the extent of your glyph selling. You may look around and find other good sellers only to see them fall in price as you try to keep them up. If you stay on top of your research, you will find a handful that feel like very few people have and you can turn a profit.

You don't really know what to do with the snowfall at this point. You probably drop them on the AH and don't think much about it if you are milling your own herbs. If you didn't do the math behind it yet, you are trying to buy the cheap herbs or ink off the AH.

If someone is working your market hard, they will probably frustrate you. Many people leave the game at this point claiming there is no gold in inscription. If they only knew how close they were.

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