Monday, August 10, 2009

1.5 hours of craft time again

I am starting to think I am moving a lot of glyphs. I did a major crafting session the day before to get everything up to 12 in stock. I just burned up 1100 ink and an hour and a half to restock from yesterday.

I hope one of my mods was off on the stack counts. Tonight I will cancel everything and get it into my bag before I do my inventory check. I had a lot of glyphs up on the AH (and a few in the nutral AH). I am out producing my competition at this point. I saw places the other day where they had ran out.

I hope I intimidate them a little bit. I see they still cancel every time they repost and I just repost from inventory. If they undercut me a lot then I will have a lot of stock listed. Every day I do 4 sessions of posting. The first 2 I start with 4 glyphs each then slip down to 2 for listings after that. So I could have up to 12 glyphs up of every glyph that I post in.

I would like to think my show of force puts them off from challenging me. So far I have not gone on the offensive. They may think that I have but thats just the way I work the AH. I am doing great, but I am not in a place to fight it out. A lot of my buying power is me banking on snowfall ink sales. My stock is growing much faster then I can unload it so I need to rethink that. With good sales of snowfall my ink is under a gold each. With out them selling, each ink sits at 4G each. So sales under 8.5 gold could be costing me more then I can buy the mats for.

I need to get the math settled so I know how many herbs and how often I need them. I need to get consistant suppliers set up. This splurge every 4 days and fill my banks up is hurting me in the long run. When I fill my bank up I have to tell my farmers no. I need to get them on a COD plan. I think I will also go back to buying ink of the sea off the AH. It keeps it out of the hands of my competition and its not that high. It saves me the hastle of storage,milling, inking, and managing snowfalls. It may be a better deal for me.

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