Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running on low

Just a few days ago I had soo much ink that I thought I would never run dry. Now I'm cutting deep into those reserves. Having a 8 day supply feels like a lot when I was buying more herbs in a day then I was using.

Herb prices are way up so I have not made any purchases in a few days. That insane stock of ink has saved me. But at the rate I use ink, it looks like I need to make some major purchases this weekend. Next time prices are down, I think I am going to over stock like mad. I had 3 bank tabs of ink of the sea and I realize now that is not enough.

I think I am going to move it to the mailbox instead of storing it in tabs. Every day I will mail off 500 ink to an alt and just leave it in his mailbox. After 30 days of this it will start to get returned on its own if I don't use it. I can at any time hop on that char and return it too. I will leave one tab in my bank as a buffer from the mailbox.

I'll give you an update later if I even try this and how well it works if it does.

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