Friday, August 7, 2009

Nutral AH Experiment

I saw a post on our realm forums asking for some life to be put into the nutral AH from the other side. Our server is way out of ballance. I never see an alliance out side of a major city.

They have nothing for an auction house. 2300 items listed when I checked on them (trial account, can look but not sell/buy). Stuff that is listed almost double the price on our side and they have very little supply. I was 4 stacks of adder's tongue where we have 3-4 pages of it.

One thing they asked for was glyphs. I looked at there glyphs prices and they were all 30-40G, even the leveling ones. Several glyphs were not even listed. I can see why they want them. The good news is that glyphs have such a low deposit that the nutral AH fee was still small. Today I posted 2 of every glyph that I have. If I can move just a hand full a day at 20-30G, it will pay for my efforts.

I looked at a few other things that I tend to trade in. With the deposit so high, I need just about everything to sell. I listed it a good 15% under the prices I saw in the other AH and it was still a good 30-40% markup on my end. I want someone buying my stuff to relist it. It gets me a sale and them a bank roll. The more they buy and sell, the more they can buy and sell.

I just hope someone with enough capital sees all the stuff I listed and buys it out. Its a great sale for me and a good buy for them. If this works, I will have to be carefull not to over supply the demand. Did I mention they don't have many alliance? I will be back later with my results.

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  1. my server is similar: it is a low pop server witch a guessed 4:1 or so horde:alliance ratio. however, i found that alliance AH prices were much much cheaper for some reason, so I buy all the stuff there now.