Monday, August 31, 2009

Loaning Gold

I have a few close friend that I give gold to and a few others that I would loan it to if they asked. Everyone else I just put to work instead. My guild knows I make way too much gold and I have shared ideas with lots of them. It is not very often that someone asks me for gold. This weekend someone broke down and asked me for 200g for repairs and something else that I forget.

I didn't say no. I didn't even talk about his request. What I did was ask him what his professions are. He was a miner and a black smith. I went to the AH and checked some prices on things. I offered to buy all the eternal earth he had for 7.5G each. He had 17 of them for me. I took a look at the Eternal Belt Buckle market and the mark up was huge. I got some shadows from him, waters off the AH, and smelted several stacks of saronite that I had.

I then tossed him the mats to make 17 Eternal Belt Buckles and tipped him 25G for doing it. I then tossed them all on the AH and sold them for a 5 gold profit each over the weekend. I told him was I was doing and suggested that he do that to make gold.

He didn't think he had the time to go mine or the gold to buy the mats. I guess its a good thing I never loaned him anything and put him to work instead.


  1. I know how you feel and odly enough my personal Bank Alt guild has grown to 12 people. :) Anytime I a friend asks for money I find him a market instead. I even had to open 2 other Bank alt guilds.

  2. There's a saying that almost everyone knows.

    Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a night, teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever.

    If someone doesn't think they have enough time to make gold, they don't really deserve it.

    Where would it stop?

    I don't have enough time to get a girlfriend, mind if I borrow yours?

    If you were meant to have something, you'd already have it.