Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Profit from free enchants

If you keep your eyes on the trade channel you can find some realy good deals. One of my favorite that a lot of people do not pick up on are the people giving away good enchants. It is very common for people power leveling encahnting to just give enchants away. Any enchant those people can not give away gets burned up over and over on some item in their bag.

Sometimes they offer a good encahnt for free. If you are quick to spot this you can grab several scrolls for them to enchant. I can usualy get 5 at a time when I spot this deal. Then sell them in the next few days for 60-90G each.

A lot of people still don't know how to enchant a scroll or that it still gives a skill up. Even if you have to buy the blank off of the AH it is still easy gold when you spot it. I bet I made 1.5k gold off this in the last year.


  1. Nice tip :) I used to never pay attention to these yells or trade messages, but this time I noticed a good deal:

    Someone yells:
    17:15:20 [Someone]: Selling [Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower] 5g my mats! Dancing on box outside of AH come and trade me!!!

    So I whispered him (also showing he didn't know about the vellums):

    17:15:28 To [Someone]: how many can you make? :P
    17:15:35 [Someone] whispers: 27:)
    17:16:12 To [Someone]: put them on that and I'll buy them all
    17:16:26 [Someone] whispers: nice:P
    17:17:38 [Someone] whispers: but after enchanting its not apering oin my inventory
    17:18:02 To [Someone]: cast them on the vellum, not on your own gloves :P
    17:18:15 [Someone] whispers: no no i didint noticed scrols
    17:18:16 <AFK>[Zerotodkdkdk] whispers: [Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower]
    17:18:30 To [Someone]: should turn into [Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower]
    17:18:56 [Someone] whispers: you know that will be 5g for every scrol?
    17:19:08 To [Someone]: yeah, that's fine ^^
    17:20:32 [Someone] whispers: it became green so i will not enchant more you will have 17 scrols
    17:21:01 [Someone] whispers: its to much::P
    17:21:12 To [Someone]: that's fine ^^
    17:21:15 To [Someone]: thanks
    17:21:19 [Someone] whispers: thx very much
    17:21:33 [Someone] whispers: btw where from you get those scrols?
    17:21:52 To [Someone]: auction house or make them ( [Inscription: Armor Vellum III])
    17:22:07 [Someone] whispers: very nice item:)
    17:22:19 To [Someone]: it is indeed :)
    17:22:28 [Someone] whispers: i asume you will sell this now for many gold:P
    17:22:43 [Someone] whispers: buts its fine i rised my enchanting to 390 thanks to you
    17:22:50 [Someone] whispers: so ty again and gl:P
    17:22:51 To [Someone]: over the next few weeks I'll try to earn a few gold on them, indeed :P
    17:23:16 To [Someone]: thank you, gl skilling you enchanting further ^^

    In the end I earned like 350g in 2 minutes by doing this ^.^ Tips like this are great, thanks! :)

  2. I love when I get a good bulk deal that I make them think I plan to sell them over a number of weeks one at a time. Even if I can flip it all in 1-2 days. If I am too excited I start to wonder if they will back out of the deal.