Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gold Report

A quick review for the newer readers. I hit Professional Grand Master Inscription on 6-28-09. That was the point I took inscription seriously on the Auction House (I started working other markets shortly after that). That was about 10 weeks ago. The progress I made was huge. I would like to thank Greedy Goblin and Just My Two Copper Forums for showing me this market.

Today I had 95,000g in the guild vault. I tend to keep most my gold there. My main holds on to 12k gold in case I am ever in a raid and want to purchase a drop. There is about 6-7k gold combined on the other characters. They are each dedicated to different markets so have the gold to buy the stuff they usually buy in bulk.

I would love to count some of the gold I spent in my total but that would be cheating. I dropped 60k gold on the ToC crafted robe and bracers when I was told nobody could get them. I handed 20k as a gift to some friends and I sent 5k to my inactive 2nd account to keep it safe. That's 85k gold missing from my total.

So after 10 weeks of mostly inscription and a few other markets I have 113,500g to put me at 11.35k gold a week in savings. If I was to include the splurging of gold that number would be 198,500g (19.85G weekly income). If only I would have held onto that gold, I would have hit the gold cap in the next 2 weeks (3 months total).

I know I need to move from camping the AH to just undercutting it for 2 days but I look at that income and hate to mess with something that is working so well. I would bet that I would make more gold because I would spend just as much time. The big difference is how many more markets I could work. I have some very profitable ones just collecting mats because my scribe spends all his time milling/inking/glyphing.


  1. great blog, keep on going! ur my daily read along with gevlon and JM2TC

  2. I have to say I really appreciate the work you have done for the community. Keep it up thanks for your help with everything. I curently use this method to compete with some people who probably read the goblin and therefore this site as well. Right now I have my limit at two gold, becasue I have crazy amounts of ink however, milling is a pain in the ass to say the least so my new runs have beem 5g and up glyph with ink still being about 1.5 so once my old inventory is gone we'll see what happen.