Saturday, September 5, 2009

Understanding bulk purchases

Whenever I see someone trying to buy in bulk it makes me wonder what they are up to. They want that item for a reason. When they are asking near market value it makes me wonder even more. In the markets I work, its easy to spot what they plan to do with it. Some supplemental items tip you off.

If I see someone asking for adders/lichbloom/icethorn I think inscription. If they add eternal life I know its for darkmoon cards. If the request has frost lotus, he is an alchemist. If they are working the darkmoon cards, I can offer them snowfall ink. If he is an alchemist and is looking more for icethorn and lichbloom at the right price, I will offer him some of mine.

Next time you see someone asking for something in bulk, try to figure out why. Either he has a market he is working or its for personal reasons. Your competition could be tipping you off to a big market that you don't know about yet.


  1. Couldn't have said it better. :)

  2. on my server we usually have a few in trade occasionally spamming
    "WTB lvl 74-80 armor 12.5g each!"

    I really wonder if anyone ever sends them stuff :p

  3. Sometimes is better to advertise where people are collecting the stuff. Sometimes I do a /who ramparts and let them all know I will take that netherweave COD.

    I bet you have better luck getting greens if you fly out into those zones where it drops and broadcast your message there. When questing, its easy to just vender all those greens. Who runs around org with a bag full of greens?

  4. Who runs around with a bag full of greens?

    My Bank alts ;)