Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crafting Glyphs: Anything thats worth 10G method

The full stack method was one where every single glyph gets created and stashed in your inventory. A variation on that is to only craft stuff worth more then 10G (or whatever price you pick). This is a better choice when ink is in short supply. You need every sale to count and have little room for waste in your budget.

This is also a great system if you keep all your inventory on the AH. If you keep cycling it onto the ah, this will help you only craft the stuff you plan on posting. If you do the cancel/repost cycle on one char, you will probably use this method.

If you are lucky and on a server without a lot of undercutting going on. One where you can post once for 48 hours. This will shine for you. You would still use altaholic for the counts. To check prices with out having to search each one by hand, use the QA summary page or the little sparky workshop. Both will give you the price of every glyph in a list.

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  1. To new scribes or people without much time: don't count this method out.

    This is basically what I have done for awhile since I have limited supplies and time. I change my threshold based on how much time and ink I have, sometimes as low as 4g, other times only 10g+. I make about 1000-2500g per day depending on my competition. When I started out, it took me a few weeks to go from 7,000g to 30,000g.

    I am using this method at the moment because herbs are too pricey right now to get enough ink stockpiled.