Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picking new cuts

I am fairly new and inexperienced at the JC market. So remember that when you read anything I say about it. These are the things I do with it. They may be a huge mistake or I could be on the right track. One of the first things I had to deal with was picking a new cut.

You first need to know what your goal is. Are these cuts for yourself/friends or to make gold? One does not rule out the other but you usually end up giving on something. If its for you or your friend the choice is easier. Just pick the cuts you use the most and off you go.

If you are looking to make gold, different things need to be looked at. I started by looking at the cut gems that listed for the most. The mark up is higher to the profit is greater. How many sellers are listed? The more sellers, the more competition. So for my first few gems, I also looked at how many sellers and gems each had listed.

Now rule out any that look questionable to you. Is it a gem that someone would want. If you see one Tense Eye of Zul (10 hit/13 spell pen) for 250G its probably not going to sell. Who would buy that? This could turn out to be a very profitable gem. I have no idea. But for my first few gems, I want something that feels a little more useful.

As you start to pick up more and more cuts, try to get a few of the other colors. If you focus in one color of cuts too much its possible you will drive the cost up on them (from buying so many to cut and re-list). You will be set up much better if you give yourself that flexibility. If you end up prospecting later, you will end up with gems of all colors.


  1. Who will buy Tense Eye of Zul? People who PVP.

  2. I dont personally have JC but my cousin does. I requested for him to get the 30 stam. epic cut first so that we could make 50g profit instead of selling raw gems. Nex t i think he is getting spell power. Go for the ones that raiders need most is what i would do.

  3. @bobreaze

    The problem with Stam and Spell Power is that they are obvious. They are in high demand, but everyone knows that so it is a very common pattern for people to have. It also means that the raw gems are more expensive because for those cuts. So you end up with a situation where there are a lot of people in the market and high material costs. You can definately make money here, but the margins will be low with frequent undercutting.

    I can't remember the exact situation but I remember talking to someone a while back that was making a ton of gold in the gem market, and he focused on only a couple of cuts. The example I remember was he found a green cut that only one spec of one class wanted and produced a lot of them. Because Green gems were so worthless he would buy stacks of them just above the vendor price. The demand for the cut wasn't widely known so there was very little competition on the AH. He would then sell them for 400-500% profit.

  4. Depending how much work you want to put in to this it can often be a good idea to check out Elitst Jerks class posts and see what gems they recommend.

    If not, some common ones keep coming up over and over; stam, hit, sp, ArP, str, agi

    One thing I found profitable when I started was to get all gems of a certain type. Not certain colour...but say for example, all gems that a caster might want, so my starting goal was


    That way if you sell in person to someone, they might want other gems crafted to put straight in to their armour - so if you can do all the gems they might want then it's more profit for you!

  5. In regards to JC, I think the best way is to look at the cuts that have the highest prices and go for those.

    The biggest problem is that these change often.

    The obvious cuts often have a lot more competition. While your sales will be slightly higher, I'd rather sacrifice some sales for a way higher margin, which happens when there is no competition.

    Then again, I just got all the cuts. Cut and sell anything that makes a profit.

    Most Jewelcrafters are finding blue gems way more profitable than the epic gems.

  6. Great post, Kev! One major suggestion I have is to talk to other classes and see what they want/use. Talk to raid leaders, anyone who plays multiple classes at a high level, anyone you know who is a major theorycrafter. I know 2-3 good players of each class, and have asked them periodically what they look for in gems.

    I've also asked them periodically about changes that come in patches so that I could watch for demand changes.


  7. Just as a sample for choosing cuts, these are my epic gem sales for September (according to BeanCounter):

    Delicate 15, Precise 2, Runed 5, Fractured 1, Bold 16, Bright 5

    Etched 7, Champion 3, Respendent 1, Fierce 1, Glinting 2, Lucent 1, Deft 3, Luminous 3, Potent 1, Veiled 7, Durable 6, Empowered 1, Stalwart 4, Glimmering 2, Accurate 1

    Solid 37

    Brilliant 2, Smooth 12, Rigid 12, Thick 1, Quick 10

    Sovereign 5, Shifting 5, Glowing 4, Purified 16, Balanced 1, Regal 3, Defender 1

    Enduring 1

    That last one is why I don't pay much attention to BeanCounter, since I know I've gone through at least a dozen Zuls recently.