Saturday, September 19, 2009

KTQ: on the fly flexibility

One thing I like my KTQ script for is the ability to make adjustments to what I need. If I build a queue and for whatever reason its not what I want, I can clear it and start over.

what if you only have 30 min of crafting time but enough items in your queue to last an hour. You could easily just make the the first 1/2 of the list and do the other 1/2 next time. There is nothing wrong with that. I just do it a little different.

I usually craft either the top valued glyphs or the ones that sold the most. With KTQ I can set a threshold high and do a crafting pass. This catches the ones with the highest profit. Then I drop the threshold and try to craft a half stack. This will pick up any that almost sold out. When I run each one, I can play with the threshold and stack size to get the queue size that I want.

No need to only craft 10 glyphs if that's all it adds to the queue. Just clear it, adjust the numbers, and do it again. I still do a full crafting session when I have time. This will catch anything else.

This helps me keep the ones in stock that matter most.


  1. One thing that you might want to point out somewhere is that the Threshold setting is not enabled by default. I didn't realized until I had generated a massive queue then wondered why I was crafting glyphs that were worth 87s >.<

    Love the blog, your insight and addon suggestions are amazing!

  2. Good point.

    I am thinking about changing it so when a threshold is set that this feature gets enabled.

  3. Aye, I support that =) Only used it once so far, but I love it already. Saves me from staring at QA and using their queue feature which doesn't have a Shopping List =(

  4. Would it be possible to add that feature:

    Only put in queue what i have the mats for in :
    -i inventory
    -b inventory + bank
    -a inventory + bank + alt
    -g inventory + bank + alt + guild bank

    /ktq queue 5 glyph -i
    would queue up glyphs I can craft based on my current inventory

    If no param are passed, keep the current behavior

  5. Is there a way to get only exact matches for items? I am trying to use KTQ for Netherweave Bags however it is automatically trying to add Imbued Netherweave Bags also.

    I tried wrapping the name in single/double quotes to no avail.

    The obvious work around is to just manually delete the Imbued from the queue - just thought it might be worth a mention :)

  6. Thanks for the wealth of information and tips in your blog, KevMar. I started out with the basics, using JMTC for most of my information. I use QA2 for posting my glyphs, and I use the summary feature for my crafting. I feel I've progressed in my glyph business to the point that I need to start streamlining things a bit more now. I've found that I'm starting to naturally adopt your strategy of simply crafting x amount of every glyph. While QA2 summary and /tradeskill works fine for this, it seems like it could be streamlined a bit better.

    I had previously stayed away from Skillet and Altoholic because, as I understood it, you had to manually put glyphs in your queue. Now with your addon, the queue is automatically generated and updated given whatever threshold you set, correct? Secondly, does Altoholic include those glyphs you have up on AH in it's totals, or is it just whatever is sitting in my toons' bags and bank?

    Thanks again for your guidance.

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