Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Power of Quick Auctions 2

This is the mod that makes you a rock star at posting glyphs. I talked about QA before, but a update has been released for it a while ago. It has moved from the command line to a gui to manage your items.

You do have to make a group for your glyphs and add them all to it. I did not like that idea at first but the author made it easy to add everything at once. When you first start out put everything in the same group. More experienced glyphers will create a group for single and double ink glyphs and manage the threshold differently.

One thing that QA2 does better then QA is posting faster. It had a multi threaded posting ability that allow it to post several auctions at the same time. The speed is very fast. If you leave it a good deal of bag space, it is even faster. I think it uses all your empty bag slots to split different stacks at the same time now.

The power behind this mod is how easily it lets you post all your glyphs at once. You run up to the AH and click the post button. It does a quick scan of the glyphs on the AH then it post yours faster than any other mod I know. If your competition is using anything else or doing it by hand, they will not be able to keep up with you.

Do not overlook its ability to cancel auctions you are undercut on too. If you keep your inventory on the AH, this is a life saver. It will check each glyph for you to see if its had been undercut. If it is undercut and it can post a lower priced one, it will auto cancel the auction for you. If someone undercut lower then your min price, it will just leave it there. and if you are the only person up, it will cancel it so you can repost at a high price.

This is a powerful weapon that in one person hand can easily give them the market. At the same time, if too many people use it too aggressive the market will crash by the constant undercutting. My next post I will give info about the weaknesses of QA.


  1. The Weaknesses of Quick Auctions 2
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    QA works on simple logic. Check lowest price glyph, if it is not ours then post ours for less then that. QA is a very well written mod and I want to give the author credit for that. Here are a few things y...

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  3. I am having a very difficulot time with QA 2 I have not found any support and I did not use QA so I have no reference by which to sort of learn the new version. I don't know if I am doing it wrong or installed it wrong configured it wrong or what. I can't figure out how to cancel the / commands will not work outside of /qa summary and there is no post button all i have been able to do is scan. please help I would really appreciate it. Also does sknner or any interface mod affect the fucntionality of QA2 thanks.