Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am not perfect

I do appreciate all the readers I have picked up from the start of the blog. I just wanted to remind everyone that this is my view of the market and ideas that I have tried. The way I work glyphs is my way. It may not be the best way or the perfect way, but it is how I do it. I do know I do some things different.

I am getting to that point where I may be reaching out to other markets. Markets where I don't have much experience. I am confident in my glyphs because I have solid results. When I started this blog, I talked about the ideas that worked and the ones that failed as I got into glyphs. I expect that I will make the same noob mistakes that many other people make in those new markets. In the end I will figure it out or walk away.

I mention that now because I may have some great ideas coming up on paper that sound very solid but are doomed to fail. So don't mistake the number of visitors that I have to indicate I know what I am talking about. Use your own judgement.


  1. I like your blog and you have some good ideas. Yours and Gevlon's are the blogs I started reading before I decided to start my own, its also nice to see you bring your real life skills into making a mod (that I've yet to try out) and benefits the community.

    Everyone has different ideas and each server is different. I doubt anyone seriously follows your philosophies to glyphing down to a tee.

  2. A very noble and humble thing to say. Coming from an internet marketing background myself it is refreshing to see someone hold there hands up and say "I am not perfect.". Normally everyone tries to position themselves as an 'expert' in the niche - no matter what real experiance they have had.

    So hats off to you for standing up and telling it how it is. You're not an 'expert', you are simply a guy sharing what works for you and helping out a tone of people on the way ;)