Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will the good sellers please stand up?

I hate to micro manage things. If I can think up a process or method to do something for me, I will do it. I removed myself from the details of my glyphs a while ago. I have configured 2 groups for posting glyphs. A single and a double ink group so I can manage the threshold differently. When I have to think about my costs then I just lump them all into the 2 ink + 50 silver group. That's simple.

I have QA to post everything at whatever price it wants to. I have KTQ to craft how ever much of anything it wants. I have auctioneer snatch to buy as many herbs as it wants. The only time I have to think is when I decide what alt gets what glyph. I know I could automate that too but I recently decided to make that a little more fluid.

My previous method was the light colored ones go to one alt, the red and pink to another, and everything else stays on the crafter. Its click by colors. Not much thinking but that's how I did it. I am looking to get out of the camper game and into the undercutting game, but while I am still camping I wanted to move my most profitable glyphs to a new alt with out much work.

I could mouse over every one to see the tooltip but I want to do something simpler. That's where my mod gets to save me yet again. I let it craft the better ones first and then move those to that alt. Then I return and craft everything else. I have 2 types of glyphs to move.

1) 10G or more glyphs. The glyphs with the high markup. Anything over 10G gets crafted first. All of those get moved over to that alt. I can adjust this value to give him more or less of my market. This sell with a huge profit so I want to stay on top of them

2) The sell-outs. The glyphs that just sell like mad. After my 2nd craft session, I move every new stack that has 10 or more glyphs to that alt. These move in high volume so I want to stay on top of them.

After a few nights of this the good glyphs all end up on that new alt. There are 2 advantages of this. First is the new name. All my other guys are on everyone else's friend lists. That is the camping game. This only works so long but it can catch them off guard. The other is all my best selling and high profit glyphs are on one char. I can work those glyphs harder and its OK if I let the others slide a little bit. I still keep coverage of them all, but the new guy will never miss a posting time.

Now if I have 5 min to slip in and post, I hit this one char and he took care of all the glyphs that matter. It is also more exciting to check his mailbox. The gold just flows in.

I was able to take the process of crafting glyphs with my KTQ mod and by playing with the threshold, I saved myself a ton of micro managing. I know eventually that char will get bloated with glyphs. But this process is simple enough that I can move everything off of him back to the other guys and start the process over the next day.

I spend more time camping the glyphs that make me the most gold but also have the ability to cover the rest of the market.


  1. Lol. I just wrote my blog for the day about AH camping myself and thinking about moving away from it to see how it works.

    How did you set up your QA to separate the one and two inks? Or did you do it manually?

    I've though about doing this but the thought of going through each glyph one by one makes me nauseous lol.

  2. I broke down and did it by hand.

    I found it faster for me to open up the saved variables and move them from one group to the next as I looked them up on wowhead. It did it over a few days while my guy was checking the mailbox.

    For a long time it didn't matter, but when I wanted to get a little more cut-throat with the market, I decided it was time.

  3. If you bring up Altoholic, and open it to your scribe, and list the glyphs in groups by class, and go through each class, there are anywhere from 3-6 glyphs for each class that use 2 inks. The interface in Altoholic shows you the mats needed to make the item, so its very obvious which are 2 ink glyphs. Add all of those to a 2 ink group. From there, once you have all your 2 ink glyphs taken care of then just add "Glyph of" to the one ink group. Takes about 10 to 15 min, if you have every glyph.