Monday, September 7, 2009

Featured Mod: KevTool NoobDetector

This mod watches all your chat channels and tracks stupid things people say. You can shift click the name to see a percentage that will tell how much of a noob they are. The word list is a work in prorgess and the formula could use some work but it is tracking and reporting noobness.

Install this mod and it will track in the background. Let it gather some data and later shift click the names in chat. It watches key words, use of caps, and repeating the same thing over and over. I spent some time in the barrens while testing it and picked up a lot of key phrases to use. And yes, I do know that it will report more then 100% noob. Watch out for those guys.

Here is a direct link to download my initial release: KevTool NoobDetector

This mod was inspired by this post over at the Greedy Goblin and is a shameless attempt to drive trafic to my site. It has nothing to do with working the auction house or making gold. But have fun with it. Once I get a good set of sample data (more than today) I will see if I can make it more accurate.


  1. Well you did it!

    Here I am reading your blog.

    I'm gonna try that addon, and see if I can configure it to search noobness in spanish (playing on Ragnaros)

  2. I can't wait to get home and check it out.

  3. Well, your attempt to get more traffic definitely worked.
    Here's another one that is going to try it out.

  4. Hey, i'm really enjoy reading your blog and much more reading about your addons. Gonna try your KTQueue but think i'll have troubles, cause i use russian client. So, could i try make adapted russian version?
    And also one question - how did u started addons coding, which books read? Give me advice pls :)

  5. I'm a programmer in the realworld and just adjusted to lua. Once you start to pick up new programming languages, you learn that they are all the same and its easy to jump from one to another.

    I had no training in lua but with my previous development experience it was easy to hack around in.

  6. Question: Why "http://" and "www." are noobish sentences?

  7. You can add-in "anal"... there is so many "anal" wars in trade / general on my server, that it will be worth adding to the list

    Meanwhile, I've edited your lua file to add it on my laptop.

  8. @Gevlon
    I was thinking on the spot while I was crafting that list. My server gets lots of youtube link spam is why I added that in there.

    I would guess some of the stuff is questionable and that I missed other things.

    The lua should be easy to edit. The code is quick and dirty but it works.

  9. Would it be possible to add keywords to look for in-game ?
    That would be nice.

    /noob add, WordToLookFor

    something along those lines

  10. Before I release this to curse, I will redo the list of words in a different way and make it so users can add items to the list.