Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The rush of new players

It looks like we should be expecting a rush of new players to the glyph market soon. The Greedy Goblin gave some step by step screen shots that produced a few. Not it looks like mmo-champion just released a guide. This new guide will reach a much larger group of people that will understand it less.

The think this new group of people are going to focus on are how much they made the first day and how fast they sold glyphs. If you can poison those things from the start they will not last long at all.

If someone jumps into the market and has a huge day the first day, it will stick with them for a long time. That is what drives them to stick it out when the market turns down. Looking at the results I had before, I would last weeks on break even profits and not think twice about it.

If they shoot for full coverage of all glyphs, they will get several sales that first hour. That is so exciting. The higher the buy out the more the excitement. Nothing better than looking at big sales before you even log out.

How do you poison those experiences? Help the good glyphs crash and deep undercut them when you see a new name post on them. Then reset the crappy glyphs that you can.

First impressions matter. What they see in the market this first time will last. If you crash the good glyphs, they will think they are worthless. If you reset the crap ones, they will be so excited to list some so high and they will curse the market when they fall back down.

I had a few leveling glyphs sell at fall back prices when I first got started and I got very attached to them. It took me a while to break out of thinking they were some how worth more than the others.

I am sitting good on my server. Competition is already fierce so it is a great time for them to come and play. My ideas are all theory craft and I don't plan on trying any of them. But it was interesting to think about.

Update: I wrote this before the guide was out but now that I see its up I have a few comments.

That threshold is way to high for my server. Even the lower one to drive out competition is not low enough to drive out competition on my server. I'm going to treat these guys just like all the other noobs that get QA for the first time.

I expect the market to dip a little for a few days and then back to normal for me. Good luck on your server.


  1. Hi Kev. Thanks for all your work on this blog.

    I have a problem with your addon. The commands to set the threshold worked fine but when I type "/ktq queue 4 glyphs" and press enter nothing happens. I can't even send the message. It's not like it says nothing, it's just like it doesn't respond to the keyboard. However, if I add anything to the command I can press enter normally.

    Any suggestion?


  2. @jrgb
    You most likely have the wrong version of skillet. Try downloading this one:

  3. I intend to sell inks for lets say 40g per piece.

  4. Hey Kev

    Any way to keep my glyphs at 20 (a full stack)?
    Been playing around with ktq but cant seem to get it right.


  5. @Zubie

    I would suggest looking at Altaholic. Sometimes it doesn't correctly analyze the auctions your bank alt has up. The best way to fix this is to clear your auctions from your bank alt in Altaholic, and then open up the AH just once before logging out.

    This way it refreshes the list of auctions you have / sold in the AH - rather than "ghosting" a few of your auctions.

  6. With all these new sellers I don't think I've ever sold quite so many inscription bags :)

  7. Now is certainly a good time to be a tailor. I'm thinking of leveling tailoring on an alt here soon if it's a good market.

  8. Inscription bags are from leatherworking.

  9. @Green Guts

    No I dont think its count from Altaholic as I usually clear auctions and scan the AH before making glyphs.

    What I was looking for was if I have the folowing counts for glyphs

    1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 is there a script to bring all these back to a stack of 20

    (I have all the recommended addons)

  10. /ktq queue 20 glyphs

    That is exactly what the script does.