Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No maintanance?

Normally I don't even log into wow the morning of server maintenance. They even told us it was more than a server reset. So I did a full posting of glyphs. I am writing this post as I check things. Because the server is still up my sales for glyphs are still rolling in. From midnight last night to now I have 669G in glyph sales.

Looking at my usual buys found me 27 stacks of herbs under market value. A new farmer (I hope) sent me 24 stacks of herbs COD. Tankard of terror almost fall off the AH. All the auctions that were up had expired during the night. So I flooded the market with what I had. I did over price them but just having a large number on the ah is what I was going for.


  1. OFF-TOPIC: MMO-Champion posted an Auctioneer/QA2 guide to making money from the AH. This week it was focused on Enchant/JC. In anticipation of next week's Inscription post, I've slimmed down my profit margin drastically and am working to keep a large inventory so I can drive the new guys away -- "no money to be made here guys!"

  2. I have been getting prepared for the onslaught of newbie inscriptionists as well by cleaning out the auction house of adders tongues and icethorn below 20g lately since on my server normal buyout I can find of those is 18g or less. I expect to dump a bunch of saronite ore onto the market as well today and tomorrow and sky high prices to mess with the new people using auctioneer.

    Thanks for the update on the servers btw.

  3. Bah, the mmo-champion Inscription post is out. Thought I had more time to amass more herbs. Hope I have enough inventory to ride this one out~

  4. Really its ok because many of those people are going to get rolled in the inscription market. The people who have already been established for a very long time with enough resources to starve them out will make sure of this. Inscription seems to be the one place that the goblins really really hate to give up. Other parts of the auction house they may mildly toy around in that market for a while but not try and stress it too much and use it as a supplement for extra income.

    As a bonus inscription is not an easy profession to get into which allows for the record profits that goblins can produce from just this profession alone. The inventory management alone can make a normal persons head spin in ways you wouldn't even imagine.