Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Discovering the epic gem market

I have to admit that I was very slow to jump onto epic gems. I had my hands full with inscription. I did level a JC a while back but have not done much with him. I have been slacking on doing my daily JC quests.

I had to take his tux off and get his gear back out of the bank. I just got my 4th token so it was time to pick a pattern. I went to the AH and did a QA summary scan. I saw a smooth kings amber listed at 230G with only 2 up. Raw I see this gem at 150G. So I buy one, go get the pattern, and cut it. Next morning its already sold for 225G.

I guess it has started. I am slowly discovering the epic gem market. I am going to take my profits and put them back into JC and see if I can get a large bankroll going with little investment. I hope I can take what I learned with inscription and apply it to epic gems.


  1. Good to see you entering the market. I had luck with the Accurate Ametrine (10 exp 10hit). The raw gem sells for 135-145 and I happen to be the only one with the pattern.

    I found that Dreadstones are fairly cheap as well and the 12 sp 10 int one isn't that competitive.

    Keep your eye out for cheap Cardinal Ruby's as well. Anything below 150 is worth picking up imo. With the arp nerf coming up, I assume the +20 agi and +20 str gems will sell like hotcakes.

  2. I like the sound of this. I'm just now in the process of leveling up JC and was despairing of finding any real discussion of the market in the blogosphere.

    Looking forward to following along!

  3. Awesome man good for you! I just got my JC to 300 last night on my druid before I hit outlands (not my main). But I plan to make a lot of gold farming/buying/selling raw and cut gems for gold.