Friday, September 25, 2009

Skillet over buying ink/parchment

Sometimes Skillet will not refresh the buy list when you visit a vendor. So it will re buy all the same mats it picked up the first time. Most of the time it is stuff you need, but you still have to manage it in your inventory.

If you mouse over the vendor buy button, it will pop up with the items it will buy. You should have a good idea if its close or way off. If you just purchased all but 10% of your items and you have to make a second trip. Pay close attention to that tool tip. If the full mat list is still there, it will buy the stuff you already got. It will do it in the same order as it did before.

So if you run out of gold, bag space, or what ever else and it does not finish. Take a second look at that tool tip for the next purchase.

Here is what I do to refresh it. Open up the skillet shopping list then mouse over it. If that window is open then the tool tip will refresh for me and the purchase will be correct.


  1. Before buying anything, I often do a little hop while clicking the "Process" button to make sure the Shopping List is updated. Then I hover over the buy button to double check the tooltip matches what's showing in the shopping list.

  2. I've found that you can refresh the purchasing list by closing and reopening skillet. Every time it opens it checks your current inventory against the purchase list and updates.

    However, it always seems to be a bit off with inks from jessica so I tend to buy those manually.

  3. Hi Kev,

    I have recently tried Skillet for my own glyph making, but I am frustrated that I can't get it to display how many glyphs I currently have in my inventory. Do you know if there is another addon that, along with displaying how many -more- glyphs I can make, will display how many glyphs I have already made?



  4. Try using Skillet_IStat with it. You need to also use Altoholic. But Skillet_IStat will take the total from Altoholic and display it in Skillet.

    I do not have it on Curse yet, but there is a direct download on my post.

  5. Hi Kev,

    This worked great. Thanks!