Sunday, September 13, 2009

You never know

Sometimes you make a sale that just shocks you. Then is shocks you even more that people do it over and over again. Abyss Crystals was a hot item for me before they started to crash. What I would do is post them in stacks of 6 with a 30% mark up and they would sell. Thats not a small purchase and I thought the exceptionaly high price on that would give people some pause.

This stuff does not happen every night. It could go weeks and I was not in a rush to sell them. One weekend I sold 3 stacks like that. It would be one thing if the stack of 6 was the only thing up, but that was not the case. Most of the time I see lots of single stacks still up when I go to collect my gold. It worked because I was the only one that ever posted a stack of 6.

A more recent one is parchment. It's not a big seller. I'm just more shocked that it sells at all. 4 times in the last 2 weeks I have sold a 50 silver parchment for 9G. This is like thread that you buy from a vender. I got a few screen shots of it.


  1. I post idiots every week, but this beats them. It's like selling ice cold milk.

    The fun thing is that I've checked my AH and resilient parchment have medium price of 22G.

    Already listed some.

  2. Good post. The Crystals are good to overprice like that because, like other enchanting mats, there's no deposit cost so no cost to the seller beyond the time investment. If you don't mind my asking, what's the thinking behind your stack sizes? Thanks :)

  3. Haha. I do the same with copper rods :)

    I've sold them as high as 20g before but usually ~5g. Not a lot but it's free money :P

  4. I like odd stack sizes because you will catch people that will not do the math (or read the tooltip). With the Crystals a stack size of 6 is what is needed in the top end caster enchant. The melee enchant took 10 but 10 is one of those numbers you can quickly do the math on.

    When market price was 60 each you could easily tell 800G for 10 of them was too much. The people that paid 480G for 6 didn't find the math so easy.

  5. Well herbing in Outland on my DK, I am always having to port somewhere to buy my parchment. You can't always find the resilient parchment when and where you need it so if it was only slightly over the vend price which was 47s last time I picked some up, I might too buy them off the AH since it might save me a few minutes and as we goblins say "TIME IS MONEY"
    What were the stack sizes? 20?

  6. Singles.

    Each of those parchent sales were single parchments. My goal with keeping parchment up at 9G and the other inks at 4-9g is for the people that think the listed glyphs are too expensive. If they see the mats cost 11-18G and my glyph is listed for less than that, they will quickly buy out my glyph.

    On the other hand, if they see the glyph posted for 50G and the mats at 11-18G, the mats will get purchased. If that is what they see, a 9G parchment looks like a good deal.

  7. LOL this is hilarious.

    I've been working the Armor Vellum III market for a couple of weeks by posting 2 or three pages worth of single items. Then I would post another 50-100 in stacks of 5 or 10 at a higher price. I thought of it as a conveniece charge. However, you take the cake.

    I had never thought of posting for down right stupid. I might have to give that a try tonight when I repost my glyphs.

    I kind of wonder if your taking advantage of Addons like Advance Tradeskill Window that buy things semi automatically. Some of the purchasers may not have realized they purchased it.