Thursday, September 10, 2009

Featured Mod: Kev Tool Queue

If you have tried to recreate some of the processes I do in my glyph factory I am sure you have ran into some of the same issues that I have. Building my queue of glyphs to make was one of the most repetitive and time consuming parts of the system. This mod made that step instant for me.

Kev Tool Queue (KTQ) will auto queue items that match a keyword into skillet. You tell it how many you want to have and it will check with altaholic to see how many you already have. It will then only craft the ones you need. It also has optional support for auctioneer to check prices and have it skip any item listed too low. You can use any keyword, but it has a few built in.

The beauty of this mod is its simplicity. It does have a few simple features that give it a lot of power. Here is a quick sample of the commands. I will be covering more features over the next few days and show you how to get more out of it.

Open up your tradeskill window in skillet and for inscription type this command:

So the syntax is like this:
/KTQ QUEUE [number to queue] [keywork to match]

Here is a download link: KevToolQueue (Altaholic and Skillet are required, so is auctioneer if you use the threshold)
/KTQ HELP for more info

Give me a few days to get several posts up about it. They should answer most of the questions you will have. Feel free to play with it.

UPDATE3: Curse has approved it so I took down the direct link.


  1. Kevin... I love you! Would you marry me?


    Ok, not really ;) But I'm gonna love it :D

  2. Tried this out last night, and I'm very pleased with the results. Though I think I did one thing wrong as i was left over with about 300-400 different inks other than ink of the sea, and a bunch of parchments. Thought maybe it still queued the mats for the glyphs under my threshold.
    Either way, I still enjoy the mod. I was content with just the Skillet IStats but this is just icing on the cake.
    Hopefully my competitors don't see this for a bit:)

  3. There is an issue with skillet where it does not recalculate the shopping list at the venders everytime.

    So if I buy do the buy all from the vender and then do something where I think I need to buy more, it will sometimes use the old list. The shopping list will be correct but the buy button on the vender will not be.

    I do not know if my mod makes it worse or not. But that is something I have to pay attention to.

  4. Sorry Breezy, I am already spoken for.

  5. So now it's out, I can't wait to see the effects this will have on the glyph market.

  6. Any idea where I can get the lilsparky branch of skillet?


  8. I've got a problem with the addon, some kind of LUA error, anybody can help me with it?

    Thanks in Advance

  9. love this thing doubled my profit in a day, Now I just have to get to milling 1500g in 10g stacks of adders toung :\

  10. First of all I apologize for posting off topic. I recently found your blog, and see that you are interested in mods as well as goblinish activity. I recently had an idea for a mod that I think would be helpful for me, but I know absolutely nothing about writing mods. So, I thought I would pass it along just incase your interested in it also and decide to give it a shot.

    Disclaimer: Since my knowledge of moding is almost nothing I have no clue as to how easier or hard this mod would be to write. I’m just putting it out there.

    I’m looking for a mod that could provide cost value for white inks since the Auctioneer market value for such inks is notoriously bad. Since we know how many of each ink an herb will produce on average, we could determine the cost of green ink by taking an average cost of the herbs, adjust for the value of the green ink, and divide by the average number of inks produced. For example lets say Icethorn sells for 1 gold an herb and snowfall ink sells for 10g. Since we know we get we will get an average of 1.5 inks of the sea per milling and 0.3125 snowfall inks per milling, the cost of Ink of the Sea is (5-(0.3125*10))/1.5 = 1.25 gold

    I see two ways to look at it, a past view and a current view.

    Past view: Since Beancounter stores the details of your action activities I think it would be possible to determine how much your inks have cost you over a period of time in the past. You would just have to take the Herbs you bought determine what the likely out come of milling those herbs would be and plug the components in to the equation.

    Current view: After you scan the AH, it should be possible to run the same equation based upon the prices of herbs currently on the market. Then you could tier it by the number of herbs some one might want to by. Basically saying if you want to produce 100 inks it will cost you X. If you want to produce 200 inks it will cost you Y. This would also be helpful to determine if you want to buy the lower level herbs to make lower level inks or buy Inks of the Sea and trade them in.

    My uninformed eye sees two main issues with this plan. They are valuing the Green Inks correctly and how do you buy herbs identified by your current view valuation.

    Valuing Green Inks: Once again, you can’t always trust values provided by Auctioneer. In my opinion the best way to handle this would be to provide the user with several options and let them set it up in a way that best fits their situation. First let Users base the value on the current market price of the Ink from Auctioneer, but allow the user to discount that market price. On my server the market price for Snowfall ink is 15g, but I see them posted for 12g all the time. I’d probably want to discount the market value by about 30% in my calculation. The other option would be to let the user default the value to a fixed price. Since the market values for the lower level green inks are usually bad I would probably want to default all of them to zero for my own purposes.

    Buying the Cheapest Herbs with Current View: I have no idea how to set this up but I think it might be possible to set something up like the Snatch feature on Auctioneer where you could tell the mod that you want to make 100 of this ink and 200 of that ink and it determines what the highest price you should pay for those herbs is and goes out and grabs them for you.

    I understand that I could be completely off my rocker with this idea. If that is the case please fell free to ignore me. However, I would like to know what you think about my idea. If this exists already, please let me no where I can find it.


  11. Hi, first and foremost i would like to thank you!.. I have been using this mod since you first posted it on the JTMC forum, and it has increased my profit vs time spend by quite a bit...

    Now heres there real issue, in my main's guild we have a tab with glyphs for use, and altaholic count these towards my total, which results in me not getting every glyph i need made.

    Is there any way to turn of guild bank tracking or another workaround i can use?

  12. @Morten
    I took all of the glyphs out of the guild bank and sold them on another alt. I used my same system but would under cut my own auctions with the guild ones. I then put that gold back in the bank.

    But if you cannot get them out, you can open up altaholic and reset its view of your guild bank. Then when you craft, it will not include those items.

  13. @Graylo
    So I think you are asking for this spreadsheet but ingame:

  14. From looking at that spreadsheet, it is much cheaper on my server to buy the northrend herbs. After I sell off my snowfall ink, the high yeild adder/lich/icethorn herbs are usualy the best bet. I still keep my eye on the others for when they fall to the right price.

    I just buy like mad when it gets to my price point. I don't care if its 1 stack or 300 stacks.

  15. I have the same problem that MoneyinaBag mentioned above. LilSparky Skillet and altoholic installed.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\KevTool Queue\KevTool Queue.lua:211: attempt to call method 'QueueCommandIterate' (a nil value)
    Time: 09/11/09 10:48:12
    Count: 1

  16. It looks like the QueueCommandIterate a nill value is a common error. So far this either works or they get that message.

  17. That spread sheet is the guts of what I'm looking for but more automated and with a little more funtionality. I can do the quick math in my head, I would like something more exact with out doing all the manual data entry.

    I also think that the current view I discribed would be helpful in purchasing inks at the best price but would only be helpful if you could do it quickly, and possibly purchase the herbs through the addon.

  18. If you are getting QueueCommandIterate problem, you are using the non-lilsparky's version. Its not in the location Daishus mentioned. Its in If your recipe sections are opened and closed by triangles, you are using the right version. If its plus/minus, that's the wrong one.

  19. AH THANKS BILL! I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Turns out there's 2 locations for Sparky's version of skillet. The one on curseforge is not the correct one. The one at works great though. Now I can finally get in on this :)

  20. I was very interested in this addon, and today I finally found some time to try it out. However, /ktq does absolutely nothing for me. (unknown command).
    I downloaded the skillet version mentioned above, the KTQ addon was downloaded from curse, it's in the right directory, it shows up in the addon list & all, I disabled all other addons except altoholic, skillet & KTQ, but nada. Anyone any idea?