Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keyword: carpet bomb auction house

To carpet bomb auction house is to post a wide spread of items. This is commonly used with glyphs and jems. The way it works is to take just a few of every glyph or every gem you can cut and post all of them on the AH.

I carpet bomb glyphs. I take 2 of every glyph I can make and post them all on the AH. I under cut every glyph by a set amount. Someone like me that carpet bombs are playing the numbers. We expect so may people to buy our item but with so many categories and options, you never know what ones will sell that day. So by posting a glyph of each type, I know I will get the next sell no mater what glyph is purchased. I will keep getting sells until someone undercuts me.

In a market where you are the only one carpet bombing, you will have huge rewards with a small time investment. If everyone else does the same thing, you will have to post more often. I carpet bomb around 5 times a day at key times.

Sometimes I will have 1200+ glyphs on the AH from carpet bombing it. The people that are the best at this use Auctioneer's batch posting or Quick Auction 2 to do it. I bet other mods can do it, these two are the ones I have used. I prefer QA for glyphs.


  1. What price works for you as far as selling major / minor glyphs? I have been toying with the 5G mark. I hear Gevlon usually posts around 3g. It seems since the kids are back to school, this week has been slow. It picked up last night.

  2. I go as low as 3.88G and 2.38G for my double and single ink glyphs. I will post as high as 57G too.

    When carpet bombing, you are the cheapest items. You don't have to post dirt cheap prices. I usualy undercut glyphs 20-60 silver.

  3. Kevin, im having an issue with Skillet_IStat, when the Glyph name is too long the complete name is hidden ( like Glyph of Chain...) and the count gets hidden also.

    Do you have a workaround?

    Hope you read my comment!

    Keep the IMENSALY GREAT work of your Blog! I love it.

  4. Grab the lower right corner of skillet and resize it.