Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KevTool NoobDetector now on curse

I just moved KTND to curse. Curse gives me better statistics on how often it gets downloaded. It had a few small changed that the previous download did not have. Thunderfury is now in the word list. I also fixed a bug where it would report an extra time on some other player. And I changed the color of the text to yellow.

I am about to rework the word list. If you have any suggested word to add that are work safe, feel free to leave them in a comment. I am reviewing my original list and taking out stuff that is just to common. "lol" for example. I use that enough that it was inflating my noob percent so it has to go.

I did change the way noob counts are recorded. Before it just recorded if once if anything in the message was noob. Now it counts how many unique items there is in the list. So someone that is spewing garbage gets a much larger noob score.

My logic could be flawed, but here is how I calculate the noob percent. I take all messages and subtract all CAPSLOCK and repeating messages to get my valid messages count. I then divide my noob count by the valid messages and that's the result. If the valid messages are 0 I do something different. So people that spam noob in CAPSLOCK over and over will greatly inflate the noob score.


  1. if the addon is on curse then why the title is "not on curse"?

  2. Sometimes my mind says one thing, but my fingers say something else.

    That mistake didn't jump out to me until I saw it published.

  3. Off-topic question here, but how do you deal with your Auc-ScanData?
    Mine has grown so large that it's using 70MB of AddOn memory; this causes my client to continuously hang while doing various things at the auction house.