Monday, September 14, 2009

Contracting people to work markets (results)

A week ago I saw someone wanting about 1000g in trade. I got his professions from him and ended up sugesting that he makes Eternal Belt Buckles. I made him agree to pay me 10% of his proffits after a week.

A week later he made about 3000g so I made 300G. My next tip was to install LilSparky's Workshop. I did have him link black smithing to me and it looked like lilsparky showed several things that would turn a profit. I started to name off several things and decided to give him a real tip. Thats when I had him install that mod.


  1. I think it's great that he returned the favour, and that you helped him out in the first place.

    Too often people turn away from helping others to keep the 'secrets' to themselves.

    Good to see that he kept his end of the bargain too!

  2. I remember showing one person how to flip items on the AH. He was completely clueless to the process, so I made him buy a stack of Runecloth that was 50% underpriced and told him to relist it for what the other stacks were selling for.

    "But how will that make me any money?"

    Not 15 seconds later his 3g stack of Runecloth sells for 7g.


    Welcome to the Auction House.