Friday, September 18, 2009

KTQ: Thank you to my users

I do want to thank everyone for the thanks I have received for my KTQ mod. I know if it saved you as much work as it saved me then its a godsend. I wrote it because I saw one area of the system that took way too much manual work.

Many people are getting it to work with out any issues. But there are a good number of people that are having problems. My goal is to get it working with the common version of skillet that people already have (if that's possible). In the short term I will upload the exact version that I used to develop it for people that are dying to try it out.

With that said, I have not gotten much time to get back to this mod to work out the issues. Between work, the family, the dog, the raids, the guild drama, and camping the AH it is hard to find time to work on it. I have some real world issues that I am dealing with on top of it all.

This was a tool I could have kept to myself. But it has been very rewarding to see all the thank yous and stories about how it (and my blog) has helped you.

Update: Thanks Carbon. Yes I do have a copy of old versions of those mods that work


  1. Waiting por a fix... or something. When I hit enter for a queue of glyphs, nothing happens :<

  2. Thank you for all the effort,
    I'm looking forward to try it!

  3. The add-on is fantastic. I love it - it's made things SO much easier and means I don't need my bits of paper everywhere. Thank you SO much.

    I had an error with it at first, but read through your posts and comments and re-installed the lilsparky version of skillet and it all worked great.

    I only found your blog 2 weeks ago but have doubled my income as a result. If I only make 1k a day I'm really upset now. :)

  4. For people who don't mind using previous versions of altoholic and skillet I believe this link still has the versions kev uses (unless he took them down). If so then well .. I tried helping :P

  5. Its a great Mod, i use it everyday and it works great. It saves so much time, thinking and writing! =D

  6. wow great thanks kevmar, and carbon, finally got it to work!! for the rest of you this is what i did, b/c it does take a little tweaking from the releases that he has linked above.

    1. run curse interface to delete your existing mods of skillet and altoholic. then go into your WTF files and, INTERFACE files, and delete all of the skillet and altoholic files that you see in there.

    2. extract kevmar's version from the download.

    3. go into the curse interface and update ONLY the data store addons. NOT altoholic or skillet.

    4. Log in and you can now use your macros the kevmar has suggested in his earlier posts.


  7. I do the "/ktq queue glyphs 10" and press enter. Nothing happends, I can't even send the message. It's not like it says nothing, it's just like it doesn't respond to the keyboard. If I add an "a" or something to it(like "/ktq queue glyphs 10a", I can press enter normally.

  8. Thank you very much for your addon, it has made my life much easier.

    Is there a way to add in Scroll of Enchant functionality?