Monday, September 7, 2009

Are you ready?

I talked about the different phases of selling glyphs. I don't know how true they hold, but that's how I progressed from one to another. I would get settled in how I was doing things then something small clicked and I took it to a new level.

One important detail in my process is how I decide what glyphs to craft. The system is so very simple. I start with a stack of every glyph I can possibly make. Then I go sell a many of them as I can. It is a great system when you are moving in bulk. The details of what gets sold are managed for you just by managing your stack size.

The mod I am working on fits into that system. I saw when I opened it up to some beta users that several people jumped onto this system of doing things. They all mentioned how much ink it would take and how much they needed. If you read my early posts you know that one thing that is important to my process is the back stock of ink that I keep. So when they start to mention how much more ink they need a few warning bells went of.

I make a lot of gold by catching the market when my competition is unprepared. I can tell when they run out of ink. I can tell when the herbs are too high for them to buy. They leave the market to me. Prices go up and more and more stuff list at fall back prices. I keep over a weeks supply of ink ready to go.

The last thing you want to do is invest you stock of ink into glyphs that will not sell when you need it to turn a profit on other glyphs. This system has an investment cost. I make glyphs that I do not expect to sell. The cost of gold is worth the time it will save but I never cut into important stock I needed.

If you are ready to make that jump then go for it. Do not let me stop you. It a great method if your operation is in place to support it.


  1. I am considering moving to your system (and I'm looking much forward to the official release of the script you have been describing!) One idea I have to solve the need to get the non-profitable glyphs (lvling glyphs sell for as little as 15-20 s on my server at times) is to actually buy them off the AH. Ironic I guess but it might save some cash and time :)

  2. That is exactly what you should do if you didn't have my script. When I get that script out this week, it will have a threshold feature. You will be able to only make glyphs that are listed over a set price.

    I think I need to give my system a proper introduction before my mod gets releases.

  3. The eternal challenge of automating tasks - you risk that people stop thinking :)