Monday, September 14, 2009

KTQ: Kev Tool Queue Tips

Like any command line mod, you can put commands in macros.

I have a group in place for gems. Several people manage the different colors differently. I would use a macro like this:

/ktq queue 5 solid sky saphire
/ktq queue 2 forest emerald
/ktq queue 3 monarch topaz
/ktq queue 6 scarlet ruby

Now looking at this, you can do the same thing for other professions.
/ktq queue 20 netherweave bag
/ktq queue 5 frostweave bag

Another feature it provides is adding bonus items for those that sell out. Its a simple feature and here is another way to do that.

/ktq queue 3 glyphs
/ktq queue 14 glyphs

It will queue up for items that you have less then 3 of and then it will do the same for a stack of 14. So the result is if something sells out, it will queue up 17 of them. If you have 1 it will queue up 15 for you.


  1. /ktq queue 3 glyphs
    /ktq queue 14 glyphs

    Is this the function from Zekta?

  2. Yes, Zekta has been using my script for a while. when I saw Zekta talk about crafting more for the ones that sold the most, I thought of this trick to do the same things.

    Zekta did edit the script to do it in one pass, my way is a little more generic and lets you adjust it quickly for different markets.

  3. Can't wait to try the new addon KevMar, and I've been benefiting from Skillet_Istat as well. I use the carpet bomb approach for glyphs as well, normally crafting anything LSW says is worth more than 6g. If I wanted to maintain a stack of 4 of every glyph to sell each day, what would my ktq function be?

    /ktq queue glyphs 4? Would this take into account the inventory numbers obtained through altoholic? Thanks so much for your help!

  4. /ktq enable threshold
    /ktq set threshold 6g
    /ktq queue 4 glyphs

    It does use altoholic numbers just like the Skillet_IStat. So this command should do exactly what you are doing by hand.

  5. Hey Kev,

    Excellent addon. Question for ya: is there a way to have the mod queue up, for example, epic gems with a set profit margin threshold? I.e., I'd like to queue up all the epic gems in Skillet that will make me at least a 15% profit from buying the raw mats. Thanks!

  6. Not directly. You could look at the raw gems and make the threshold 15% higher.

    /ktq enable threshold
    /ktq set threshold 150g
    /ktq queue 1 king's amber
    /ktq set threshold 170g
    /ktq queue 1 ametrine
    /ktq set threshold 130g
    /ktq queue 1 dreadstone

    Something like that would work after you did the math. I cannot remove all the work out of it, but I do save a good deal of it.

  7. Hey Kev, tried your command just now:

    /ktq queue 4 glyphs (the 2 before it worked well)

    Ended up with this LUA error:
    Message: ..\AddOns\KevTool Queue\KevTool Queue.lua line 211:
    attempt to call method 'QueueCommandIterate' (a nil value)

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  8. track down and install the lilsparky's version of skillet

  9. Oh, this makes my head hurt!

    What CAN this do, exactly? I'd love to try using it, I'm in the glyph industry myself ^^

  10. Also, I can't seem to get skillet to work properly. It doesn't have a 'buy reagent' button thingy at the vendor, although the settings say it should. And how can you queue multiple things in there?

  11. I've updated my skillet to the latest off of, and have the latest altoholic and the Skillet_Istat from the other day. However I still get error messages when trying to queue glyphs with /ktq, using the latest kevtool from curse.

  12. I think I'm just a moron but so far I haven't deciphered exactly what your mod does..

  13. You need to get specifically the lilsparky's branch of skillet for it to work properly. From here:

    What it does is let you maintain a spercific stock level of certain items. In my case i use it to help me maintain a stock of at least 3 of each glyph which sells for more than 10 gold.

    I have it set up as follows:
    /ktq enable threshold
    /ktq set threshold 10g
    /ktq queue 3 glyphs

    This will add to my skillet queue any glyphs which i have less than 3 of(either on the AH, on an alt or in the bank/bags).

    Love it Kev :D

  14. @Stewart

    When you get some time free, would you mind sending a copy of that actual zip file of the lilsparky-clone of skillet via email?

    The wowace repository ( and curse sites are showing a 500 http error.

    If you wouldn't mind, just shoot it to


  15. Bit of an idiotic question but does this addon support capability for mass disenchanting/milling/prospecting? Am having issues finding an addon that will allow me to click once, walk away for 5 minutes and come back to find all of my ore has been prospected or all my herbs have been milled