Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Featured Mod: Skillet_IStat

I know you guys are eager to see my new mod but here is another small mod that I picked up that should be released first. Skillet_IStat from TekNoir. He is retiring from the AH market so he thought it was time to share this. He has no plans to support it and that is where I come in.

The main feature I am looking at is the ability for it to query altaholic and put your item count into the name of the skill. So now you can just look at your skillet window and see how much you have of every item in stock. I hacked skillet to do that a while ago and didn't know how to make it a different mod like TekNoir did. He has some interfaces with other mods too, but the item count is huge for the way many inscriptioinists work with skillet.

I wanted to get this out first because it complements what my mod is intended to do. There are some people where I think my mod would be over kill and this mod would serve the needs they have.

Here is a direct link to the download: Skillet_IStats


  1. Hi,

    Does skillet take care of everything such that i can get rid of ATSM?

  2. To be honest, I have never used ATSM. When I got started in glyphs Skillet was the mod everyone sugested I get.

  3. Skillet was originally based off the principles of ATSW, but is different code. It does all the same stuff though, so its nice. I actually prefer skillet to ATSW.

  4. Skillet_IStats doens't show the total amount of glyphs for me if the Glyph has a long name (Hammer of Righteousness, Unburdened Rebirth) etc. Skillet just shows it as Hammer of Righte... and I don't see the number inline.

    Quite annoying.

  5. Last night it took me almost an hour to craft my glyphs. down to 15 min with this addon.