Friday, September 18, 2009

Keyword: Bulk2Mail

Bulk2Mail is actualy BulkMail2. I was just calling it the wrong thing for about a month. I don't know why I thought that was the name. That is an interesting way to mess it up. I knew I gave some details on this before but I'll take a moment to give the hilights.

The main reason I use this mod is that it allows me to auto mail stuff to alts. It lets you configure types of items to send to a character. You can either do item types like cloth/ore/enchant mats or set items like netherweave cloth. When you visit the mailbox, it will check your bags for stuff to send. One button allows you to just send it all. No mater how many items you have or how many targets you have, it is very quick.

This is great if you use one character to buy or snatch everything and send it off to various alts to craft it. You can even put the finished items into it so it gets sent to your main AH character.

So Bulk2Mail is the wrong name for it. Here is a link to get it downloaded: BulkMail2


  1. Now just come up with an add on to mass move items in and out of your bags. :) I don't mean just switch bags either. I want to be able to select specific items. IE pull all adder's from Bag to bank and vice versa. Maybe bank stack can do this i am just to lazy to tinker with command line.

  2. Im still waiting for Kev to make an automill prog.

    I hear it may be against the tos tho, or so i have read...

  3. For 'automilling' you should give an eye to Panda, Molinari, Enchantrix or you may just use a macro with some AutoIt... (don't hit me... :P)