Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have started to use a lot of simple macros to help me manage my glyphs. Here are my macros as they are on my action bar.

1) Mill
2) Move glyphs to bank (from bags)
3) Move glyphs to bag (from bank)
4) Sort bags
5) Cancel auctions 12 hours or shorter
6) Craft next item
7) Continue QA posting ( a workaround for the 0/0 bug)
8) Open skillet (my craft window)
9) Empty Mailbox (and refresh)
10) Reload wow
11) Move herbs to bag

That is a common macro that most sribes use (or some other smart milling addon). Just click it and it will mill the herbs in your bag one time. In the macro you list the herbs for it to look at.

/cast Milling
/use adder's tongue
/use icethorn
/use lichbloom

Move glyphs from bags to bank
I use bank stack to manage my bags and made a macro for my groups. "glyphs" are my first 4 char bags and "bglyphs" are my first 5 bank bags. All of those are inscription bags.

/fill glyphs bglyphs

Move glyphs from bank to bags
Just lis the other one but reversed.

/fill bglyphs glyphs

That same mod quickly sorts your inventory. I like it looking sharp. I click this sort macro all the time. After posting, before crafting, after crafting, and after I get the mail.

/sort bags

Cancel auctions 12 hours or shorter
I use this any time I don't think I will make the next posting time or if I think it will expire before I post again. This macro checks very listed auction (not just glyphs to watch it) and if its is going to expire within 12 hours it will cancel it. I run that before I do my smart undercut cancel.

/script local o="owner" p=GetNumAuctionItems(o) i=p while (i>0) do local _,_,c,_,_,_,_,_,_,b,_,_=GetAuctionItemInfo(o,i) t=GetAuctionItemTimeLeft(o,i) if((c>0)and(b==0)and(t<4))then CancelAuction(i) end i=i-1 end

Craft Next Item
I put this into a button so I could keybind it instead of click with the mouse every time. Skillet lets you queue thins up but you still have to click the button to craft. Now you can put it a macro like this one.

/click SkilletStartQueueButton

Continue QA posting
I have this strange bug that I cannot fix where it posts 1/2 the auctions and calls it quits. It looks like it posted them but it actualy skips every other one. Each time I repost it, the count is in half. This continues the posting without it doing a rescan of the AH first. I think this is the common 0/0 bug. Sometimes it says 0/0 and others it says complete.

/script QA:PostItems()

Open Skillet
Not a macro as much as where I put this button. Next to all the other important ones. Mount is another button on that bar.

Empty Mailbox
I use portal to manage my mail box. This macro refreshes the window and takes all the items using that mod. I have to click it twice if it does refresh.

/script CheckInbox(1)
/click PostalOpenAllButton

If you type /reload it resets your ui and it refreshes the mailbox faster then waiting on it. I made it a macro because I was typeing it so much


Move herbs to bag
Just like with my glyphs, I have one set up for herbs from the guild bank. I edit it when needed if the herbs are in different tabs. I use this during my mass milling sessions.

/fill guild4 bags

The only other thing that I click on is sprint. My scribe is a rogue and I use that sprint often.


  1. I am having a problem with the latest BankStack (8/12/09) in that it refuses to work with profession bags. BankStack ignores my inscription bags when executing fill and stack commands. Are you using a modified version of BankStack to get it working? I've seen this issue reported elsewhere but no solutions.

  2. I actually managed to figure out a fix to this issue today after having some time to work through the lua.

    There's some error handling code which checks for bag type to determine how to process bags. However, it doesn't seem to know what to do with profession bags so it ignores them. I commented out the code and Bank Stack works fine again.