Thursday, August 6, 2009

Too long of a queue

I am going to work on pulling my queue closer to when I make posts. I started with a lot of ideas and updates. So I made a long queue of them to keep the info showing up.

Some things its ok to queue. I am getting a better feel for that. Things like how to use a mod or ways to do something.

Other things I need to keep more current and post almost daily. Like the status of my opperation or things I am dealing with.

I had a lot I could have said about my inscription with the recent patch. Some important details of my operation were in later posts. I am also showing how my operation chagned over time. So if I said I made 15,000G in the 2 days after the patch the important deails of why it worked that well would also have to be mentioned. Then I would have to review all my posts in the queue to see if it conflicted with that or was from an earlier time.

I want to show you how I learned to walk before I show you the full speed sprint. I guess I need to do it faster. Once the current queue runs dry, I will be posting current stuff more current. It will also help when people post comments. Some people give solid advice. If they saw those thing when I was struggling with them, that advice would have been very helpfull. Now I find myself giving them advice on what they said with information that is a few days into the queue.

Things moved faster then I expected them to.

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