Friday, August 14, 2009

Panic Attack

I started to freak out a little bit knowing how soon I would run out of ink if my supply dried up. Looking at the herb prices headed into darkmoon it easily will. I missed my farmer the day before and did not see him online last night for a long while.

I took a look at the herb prices and I saw low quantities of them with the market average already shifting up. I see this market that is about rest and I need to get stocked up. If my farmer is gone I would be looking at a huge hit to my profits.

I did the one think I knew I had to and cleaned out all the reasonable priced herbs. I bet 5 min after that my farmer logs in and unloads a bunch of herbs on me. I did have to pay closer to the new market price I just set. But if that price was a good deal 10 min ago, it is still a good deal.
Someone decided to try and reset the price of snowfall ink. I would like to thank him for it. He purchased 5 stacks of it from me on the AH. Iwould love to join him at that price he set, I need to get it moving. I relisted just as many at the same price I had.

I am tempted to slash my prices on snowafll to clear out my inventory. If I take a 2G hit for each one, I think I can move everything I have. I think I need to do that to keep that inventory turning over. If it sits in my bag it can only drop in value.

I cannot decide if I want the snowfall market to crash or not. I have the inventory to crash it. It would crash for every one trying to sell it. The cost per glypyh goes up for my competition. The price of nobles will drop. Adder's should crash in value. I take a huge hit on any inventory I cannot sell, but my mats should be cheaper in the long run with adder's tongue not having any value. Ink of the sea will also drop and I may set up more buyers.

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