Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Glyph Operation in Review

I think I got myself lost in the process as I grew my inscription into the monster that it is now. The system is as automated as I can make it and it take a lot of time. I even wrote a small mod to help out (I'll have more info on this later). Sweetiebird recently reminded me that 80% of your profits come from 20% of your work. So I need to review what 20% is making me the most gold. Lets see what I can look at.

1) Posting schedule: I repost 4-6 times a day. I need to go back and look at what times of the day I make the most gold. Some of those posts I do are fairly close together. How much more is that 2nd posting going to make me than if I would have just let them sit where they were. Or how much more did that posting make me if I know I will post again soon. One or the other could be doubling my efforts with little return. A few of my postings are at key times of the day. All the others that I slip in when I can are the ones I need to look at.

2) Threshold price: If I increase my threshold then I will not be selling glyphs that fall below that. I will be posting less glyphs but the ones I do sell will have a higher profit margin. The more glyphs I sell the more gold I make. I also have to mill more herbs, sell more snowfall, make more glyphs, and gather more items from the mailbox. So selling the dirt cheap glyphs adds time to the process for each one. My total sales would go down. So would my time spent and it would increase my gold per hour.

3) What glyphs to post: I have been of the school of thought that you post every glyph that you can make. It is a numbers game. The more numbers you have up, the better the numbers work for you. What this does is causes me to use more chars to try and post every glyph. If it does not sell, then it does not add time to the rest of my process. I have several glyphs that I will sell 5-13 of in a day. I also have 120 each day that never sell. At the moment I have glyphs grouped by class when I should group them by how many they sell. Then I could selectively post the ones that sell more often then the ones that don't.

4) Skip the singles: I recraft every glyph that sells. While I am crafting, I have to shift and move then around as my bag fills up. Once I am done, I have to filter out the ones that go to my alts and dump them in the guild bank. I think I could skip over items that only sold a few. I have stacks of 14 so going into the next day a few short on the ones that don't sell often will not hurt much. When I do have to craft them, I will be doing more at a time. The detail here is they stack. So if skipping the singles frees up enough bag space to prevent me from running out of bag space while crafting, it would make things go smoother.

5) Craft more at once and less often. The last time I scaled up I just ended up selling more glyphs. What I thought would be a weekly crafting session stayed a nightly one with more to craft. I guess I need to scale up larger and produce more at a time. If I do this, I will produce more of the better sellers. Before I scaled everything up to the same stack size. If I just craft more of the hot items when I do it, I could slip to a every other day crafting sessions at a minimum.

It looks like I have several options in cutting down the amount of work and time I put into it. A few of those have a breaking point where they don't save much time until I hit that point.


  1. Hello Kevin, I love the work you've don here on "My Auction House Banker." I've just recently gotten into the Glyph market on my server as well. There are 2 other big players and a handful of other small players, and I am making not less than 1k gold a day, I have nowhere near as large of an operation as you do though. You are really an inspiration. Thanks for all your work/thoughts/ideas and keep them coming!

  2. This is my way of giving back. I was inspired by other people doing this same thing.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Really nice blog Kev, I've found a lot stuff that could be applied to my own glyph making and (hopefully) increase my profit.

  4. That 80/20 idea came from Sweetiebird ;)

  5. @Sweetiebird

    Yes it did. Thanks. Does it look like I am on the right track.

  6. Did my suggestions make a difference for you?