Saturday, August 8, 2009

Full Production

That ink supply moves fast. I am still over stocking a little bit. After last night, I hope I am done with that. I sat down to craft and 3 of my 4 inscription bags were full of ink and parchment. I was crafting for an hour and a half. Thas is a lot of glyphs.

It is my goal to have 12 of every glyph going into the next day. This lets me repost several time and only cancel auctions once. It saves me round tips mid day and lets me unload the bank when I have time. At the moment I start fresh at night. Any auction under 24 hours or that is undercut gets canceled. I then post 4 glyphs late at night before I go to bed. Just before I go to work, I post 4 more. Then after work and again before raids I post 2 more. That is 12 glyphs in total to make sure I have full coverage from just my inventory.

At the end of the day I recraft my stock. The last few times exteras were made to puch the stock up to 4-5 the to 10 then to 12. by looking at my stock, I can get a feel for what sells.

I thought I was swimming in ink before. After 3 crafting sessions I had used up 1/2 that ink I had. I kept buying lots of herbs so I have lots of milling/inking to do. I took a screen shot of my last craft session before I started. I'll count it up to see how much ink it took.

I hope my over production is done. I need to track how much ink I use in a week/day. I may get a better deal If I knew that and have a reasonable stock of mats. Not this monster that I have now.

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