Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dream Shards with Leatherworking

I was checking out some other blogs and I found http://www.warcraftecon.net/ listed a LW pattern that makes Dream Shards.

Dark Nerubian Leggins, Dark Icebourne Leggins, Dark Frostscale Leggins

They take 4-6 heavy borean leather and 4-5 Crystallized Shadow.

I ran to the AH and saw my favorite farmer had the cheapest shadows up. I bought then all out. Then I did the math on scraps -> leather -> heavy. I purchased every scrap under 8 silver, leather under 55 silver, and heavy under 3g.

My autitor told me I spent 150G and made 11 dream shards. It works out to be 13.33G each and they list for 16G. I also had 8 eternal shadows and some spare leather left.

I may have to add this to my schedule.

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