Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bag Management

When dealing with so many glyphs you have a lot of inventory to manage. I use bank bags that I swap around when posting. So I have 5 inscription bags in the bank and 4 on my character.

The first thing that I do is put as much into my bank bags as I can. I use that as my stacking point. I don't want to have a partial stack in my bag and the other 1/2 in the bank. If you don't manage it you could easily have partial stacks of the same glyph in several different bags. I use a mod called bank stack to compress and sort everything.

I then fill my inscription bags and make a trip to the ah. I then return and swap bags between my char and my bank. This way each trip has a different set of glyphs. I don't loose time rescanning glyphs that I just posted and its quick to move the bags. (instead of trying to move glyphs in and out by hand one at a time)

This is starting to feel more fluid then it did at first. Several people sugested to use 2-3 alts to post glyphs. If doing it that way its common to give all of a class's glyphs to set alts. You can do it by color if you want. But its a symple system to know who gets what glyph. It is also common to use a guild bank to save on postage.

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