Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ink Trader In Dalaran

Did you know there was an ink trader in Dalaran that lets you swap Ink of the Sea for any other ink used in glyphs. Well, I knew about it but didn't realize that she included even the low level inks. I was way over paying for herbs to mill to make the inks I need to level at this point.

I picked up 2 stacks of Ink of the Sea and purchased a port to Dalaran to find this vender. Standing next to the inscription vender was the ink vender. I found my better way. I could buy the Ink of the Sea off of the AH and get the inks that I needed here. I was too low to mill for those ink so I was stuck paying ah prices.

I was still making enough off of my glyph sales to keep this up. I was also getting close to the point where I could mill my own herbs so it didn't last that long. Thats when I ran into my next problem.

My inscription alt was lvl 64 and I needed to be 65 for that last tier of inscription.

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  1. This is a great idea. I was slowly leveling inscription and buying the herbs as they showed up on the AH at the lowest prices I could (aiming for around 1g per herb if possible). My scribe is around 160 skill now and having tons of problems finding the right herbs. I will go tonight and check for Ink of the Sea which should let me power level it up!

    Thanks for the tip