Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guild Bank

I ended up with a 4 tab guild bank on this char from when our guild changed names (well, chagned the name back to what it was). If my system of swapping bags in the normal bank didn't feel so fluid, I would have use the guild bank to hold glyphs. I did manage to put it to good use.

My first tab is mostly partial herb stacks, scrolls, and odd inks. The partial herbs are from when I buy low/mid level herbs that are listed too cheap. Its common that those are never in a full stack. I mill what I can and toss the left overs in the bank. So this tab is my left overs tab.

Tab 2 is my ink/pigment and spare parchments. At the moment I have half of it ink of the sea and the other half the pigments to make more. Tab 3 is all Adder's Tongue. Tab 4 had a bit of Adder's Tongue and a bit of Icethorn. Now that I buy in bulk, I have to put that bulk somewhere.

If I took more time to mill my herbs, I could do with much less space.

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