Thursday, July 16, 2009

My blog

I have found some very useful blogs on making gold in wow. They do a very good job in showing good farm spots, items to flip, things to craft, and things to DE. They cover mods and methods to make gold.

I am going to try and do something a little different here. I'm going to talk about my sucess and failures to use some of those ideas. My good ideas tend to make more gold then my bad ideas loose. At the moment I am making more gold then I am spending so I am doing something right.

I recently got started into glyphs and its going very well. I plan on back tracking a bit and talk about how I got started in glyphs. Review the things I tried and show where I ended up. I will also review the mods I use. Not that they need any more reviews, but I figure if im talking about them here that it would be good to descrbe how I use them.

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  1. I love so much the way you have organised your blog. Using "LABELS" is a very good idea, which is not used by many people. I'd like to understand why there is no labels for auction house alone itself? I mean since your main title contain one of the most used word in wow, AH, you could do something for it? Don't worry, I won't stop to this.... I'll read your blog totaly. From page 1 to page 155. I'll have something for yea later.