Friday, July 24, 2009

Post Timeline

My goal with this blog is a post a day. Sometimes a lot happens and just feels better as a different post. At the moment I am putting them in the queue to be published later.

Thats fine becuase most blogs do it that way. But then I am new to it so I may not be very consistant in my writting. I may have something I am working on over two days become 2 posts several days appart.

I will try to keep them together but I already see posts that are related to each other on a time line but the publication of those posts are far appart. Those posts commnig up are to do with buying bulk herbs. I made what I thought was an insane purchase of 120ish stacks of herbs on a Saturday and then early this week I purchased 320 stacks. That big of a purchase so soon after the other it a bigger deal then it would be a week later.

I am learning still. Blogging isn't that natural for me but I think I have usefull information. I also know I have dry spells. I would rather queue up every post instead of drop 20 in 3 days and you dont hear from me for a month.

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