Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Bag Space

My alt didn't have much for bags. He was power leveled as a RAF alt and didn't need the space. I picked up that mats for 2 16 slot bags and 2 32 slot inscription bags and had my other characters make them for me.

The more I got into glyphs, the biger the demand on my bag space became. I later replaced those 16 slots for 2 more inscription bags. Then my bank bags were next. Today I have 4 inscription bags on my scribe and 5 inscription bags in my bank. I have those 2 empty 16 slot bags (and 2 other smaller bags) handy for when I make large herb purchases or do mass milling.

My stock grew much faster then I thought it would. At first all of my inventory was kept on the ah. So I only needed space to run from the mailbox to the AH. Now I keep a stock of glyphs above whats on the AH and I am listing so many different ones that I cannot fit them all in my 4 inscription bags.

When I am stocked up the glyphs take up atleast 6 inscription bags.


  1. One question: When u post glyphs with quick auctions it doesnt fuck up? i keep getting troubles while using this bags on my char.

  2. It is not the bags. I have not figured it out yet. A second char that I now post glyphs from has the same bags and he works fine. My main is broken though.

    I think what it is doing to me is posting every other one. Each time I repost it has 1/2 as many to do.

    I just discovered the mod writter is back and has Quick Auction 2 out now. I will try it tonight.

    I also have a Macro that I will post when I find it that gets QA to keep working after it messes up to avoid doing a rescan first.

  3. I've switched to using two posting alts, each with four Inscription bags and glyphs for five classes. The Scribe himself has six Inscription bags, two on him for work space, and four in the bank for Ink storage. The herbs stay piled up in the mailbox.

    (QA works for both posting alts without issues.)