Monday, July 27, 2009

Just gets bigger and bigger

I need to stop getting shocked about how many herbs I am buying or how much ink I have. That number keeps growing and growing. I keep thinking about cutting my farmers off but I am using so much ink. Another huge crafting session last night.

Now that I have a solid system for milling and inking. I turn the herbs into ink fast and its easy to manage that way. I need that space available for when I make those herb buys. I have 3 farmers working to sell me herbs. It has pushed my cost way down. They work with me because I take every thing they have every day.

I am also tempted to get into flasks when I get over stocked. As it is, I am sitting on 240 flasks to sell this week. I am running into problems with all this snowfall ink. The key to making everything work is cheap ink of the sea. I have to sell snowfall ink to make that happen at the price I pay for herbs. I am kind of holding it for darkmoon to unload it. If that does not work, I will have to rethink some things.


  1. So whats that method u use to make the inks faster? :) i need it too!

  2. I mill it as I get it whenever I can. Sometime I take a bag full with me while I check auctions. Trying to multi task the milling with other stuff.

    I dump all the pigments into inscription bags in my personal bank. When I know I will be away from the computer for a while, I queue up a large batch of ink. I often do this before bed or when I leave for work.

    My time spent inking is time when I am not at the computer. When I return I have a bag full of ink.

  3. The only way to mill more efficiently is to either:
    A) Pay someone to mill your ink for you.
    B) Have a 2nd World of warcraft account.(Dual Box)

    I personally use option B. MY Bank has his own account. This way I can undercut and even mill when I am in raids.


    Just don't tell my raid leader.