Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quick Auction

Quick Auctions puts the automation into posting glyphs. After you install, you will want to run these commands:

/qa toggle glyphs
/qa fallback 72g13s54c glyphs
/qa threshold 4g57s9c glyphs
/qa cap 2 glyphs
/qa undercut 1s76c glyphs

And make sure /qa smartcut is off. It will round down your undercuts to the nearest gold.

Fill your bags with every glyph you can fit in there. At the AH on the auctions tab is a button at the top to post with. It will prescan the ah then post your glyphs.

The fallback price is the price it will use if nobody has anything listed. It's ok to set it high. When people need a glyph, they need a glyph. You will sell more then you think you should at that price.

The threshold is the lowest you want to post an auction for. Set it above your cost of mats and you will make a profit on every glyph that sells. Set it just under a solid gold amount. It is common that people will set limits at nice even numbers.

The cap is how many you are willing to post at a time. If you have been undercut, it will post 2 more. If you have 2 at the lowest price it will not repost anymore. 3 is also a good number. I find that doing more makes the other people relist more often.

The undercut is the undercut value. I like to use odd looking offsets, Keep them small. If you do large undercuts and repost often, then all you will do is crash the prices. Unless you are driving your competition out, I would keep them small.

This mod will also allow you to cancel auctions that have undercut you. With glyphs its dirt cheap to post them so its possible to stop them and repost with little cost. This is very common for people to do. I have recently started just reposting more glyphs at the lower price and leaving the old glyphs up.

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  1. KTQ + Quick Auction + Skillet = WIN!

    Figured out how everything works, and I'm loving it :)

    Thanks a bunch!