Friday, July 17, 2009

Building a Glyph Machine

I recently got into the glyphs market. I saw several big gold earners talk about it and decided to give it a go myself. I started it slow and I am currently seeing great results. I am already 3 weeks into doing it seriously but I would like to show you how I got here.

I just leveled herb and alchemy on another char. Any herbs the alchemist didn't use ended up in the bank. After reading about the glyph market, I took a lvl 64 alt and decided to start inscription on him. He had 30G and several stacks of very low level herbs.

I decided to start slow and make this guy stand on his own. There were a few times I reached out to my other characters but I made this guy pay them back. Every time I learned a new glyph, I ran to the AH to decide what to craft. When I was out of gold, I stoped for the night.

I was earning about 30-50G a day while doing this. I would recraft glyphs that sold well to keep that gold flowing. I was buying herbs of the level of the inks I needed every day. I could grab all the cheap herbs I could afford and turn them into glyphs. The income was steady the entire time.

There was a point (around the time I got to dreamfoil) that none of the new glyphs were profitable to make. Up until then, I could find one glyph to focus on for skill ups that would sell for something. At that point I made a little of everything. I was skill making 30-50G a day but the mats needed at this point were way over priced.

I had to find a better way.

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