Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some things in progress

I have a hand full of things I am working on. I am manipulating the AH in a few ways that's too soon to talk about yet. Just put in place some revisions to our loot system. Making updates to the KevTool NoobDetector.

I have been running my KevTool NoobDetector for a long time now and got to thinking about other things I can do with it. What if it had a feature to give you a report on the raid you are in? You get into a group or raid and have it do a raid check. It reports back how the group averages and possibly points out the top 5 noobs for you to watch.

My loot system changes were just an increase in weekly decay and to add a minimum decay amount. People raiding normally will not feel much of an impact. People that miss raids will feel it more. Also adding an attendance tracking component to it. Already have that written, but need 6 raids worth of data to make it accurate.

I am also cutting back my auction house time as much as I can. Trying for no camping in a few markets. I also don't have many idea to post about while I work out some details on a few other things. I hate to spoil any of my ideas by talking about them here to my competition.


  1. Sounds great. I may've missed this in one of your earlier blogs but are you gonna make this addon publicly available?

  2. I believe you may have missed it yes, :)


    His other even greater addon(KTQ) is also on that cursed site.

  3. Slash Facepalm. Right, ill check it out when i get home ;) thanks

  4. love this addon. Its very entertaining to see how people rank. I have looked through the code a little and have seen a few words that seem very common, and not really noob-ish. Thinking about it, I suppose this would be good for a "base line". I have a 7% noob score myself, part of which comes from my occasional efforts at trying to herd 14 to 39 mildly retarded cats in various battlegrounds.

    As previously stated, I do spend some time in pvp. When you enter a battle, the noob detector will list stats for certain players when they enter, but if they are part of the "8 players joined" grouping, it will not give you the stats. If you try to get the stats of someone not on your server, it will just return "0 players found", even though it does seem to keep track of them.

    I find it also helps me decide if I should stay in EotS or go to SotA, if the current team has alot of noobs, what do you have to lose? Not being able to get a listing makes this trickier.

    Would it be a possibility to add a database window? The only addon I can think of currently that would be comparable is GearScore. The ability to see the "top noobs" could make for interesting guild conversations.

    There is another addon I use, called "DoIKnowYou" which has been outdated for a while (with a few "I might pick this up" posts on the host sites) but does not give me many issues. What it does, is give you an option to vote on other players. +1, -1, or 0. It then shares this information with other people in your guild that have the addon, and the scores are added up. If they have a score of 18, probably they are a very good player. If they have a score of -10, well, you get the idea.

    Before I get lost in this wall of text, I will get to the point. I was thinking the other day, it would be interesting if you could take that functionality and add it to this. For example, if someone scores 50%+ on the noob detector, it would rank them down. If they had 25% or less, it would rank them up. Of course the percentages would have to be changeable for different servers and the varying amounts of noobs.

    Being able to cross-reference with other people is always a good thing, as it starts to put a bit of pressure upon those who take no responsibility for their actions in a public setting, such as trade chat.