Friday, November 6, 2009

My first pet

It was such a long time ago, but I still remember my first pet. I was a fairly young priest at the time. New to the game and struggled to save every silver. I remember looking at the snake pets in org when I would visit my trainer.

One time I chatted with the snake vendor looking over the pets he offered, I actually had 70 silver. I was a little excited at the idea of having a pet. For 50 silver it had to be good. My mind was filled with visions of my snake attacking my foe. It would be such a great thing for the weak class that I was playing.

So I forked over the 50 silver that I saved so hard for. I got the pet out and was kind of hoping it would be a bit bigger. But as long as it did sick damage to the mobs it would be worth it. I headed back out into the wild to check out what my new helper would do.

The stupid thing just stood there. No attack command, so way to control him, and he would still just stand there as I was attacked. It was such a worthless pet. It didn't actually do anything. When I went to get my silver back, the snake guy wanted to rip me off. So I kept the snake.

Not only was this thing not helping me, he actually got in the way of my healing. Sometimes when I would go to click on my self or a party member to heal him, I would get the snake instead. I would try to heal over and over and it would never go off because I had the stupid pet selected.

It also took up a whole slot in my bag. I eventually just tossed him away because I needed the room for something important like a pair of grey leather boots off of a ghost in SM graveyard. That was the last time I ever paid for a pet. No way was I ever going to make that mistake again.


  1. LMAOOO that is such a cute story!!

  2. Haha, nice story Kevmar ;)

    While some things have changed, such as pets getting in the way so much, and taking up an inventory slot, the key principle is still there...

    All these vanity items do NOTHING of use. And the ones that do (mounts) can easily be done by a cheaper/easier to get alternative.

    Still, I can understand the idea of being a 'collector' or just having vanity stuff you enjoy - and used to use the Firefly pet constantly in TBC and the majority of WotLK.

    Yet now goblinish ways are setting in and I've not done a single 'vanity' achievement for months, let alone vanity pets or mounts.